Department of Inorganic Chemistry was established on June 1, 1956. Since the first day of its establishment, department has been rapidly developed in terms of the staff qualification and infrastructure. Department currently has 18 faculty members, among them 5 Associate Professors, 9 PhD, 3 Masters of Science and 1 Bachelor. Department offers many courses for bachelor, master and doctor degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering and conduct numerous research projects at different levels. Department maintains national and international collaborations with various institutions and enterprises to carry out teaching, training and scientific research activities.

Research areas

  • • Biomaterials, Biosensors
  • • Photocatalysts, nano-catalysts, and adsorbents
  • • Advanced and functional materials

Teaching subjects

  • - Chemistry 1 and 2
    - General chemistry for advanced training program
    - Inorganic chemistry
    - Fundamentals of materials chemistry
    - Biomaterials
    - Bio-inorganic chemistry
    - Coordination compounds
    - Chemistry of rare-earth elements
    - Chemistry of advanced materials
    - Green chemistry


C1-401, 403, 405, 406, 407, 416, and 428

To join our Division

If you are a student, who wishes to receive education, please contact to our office C1-408. You can join our group in the last year of the standard courses.


We have several recreation events such as drinking parties, mini-trips (summer) and etc. To perform active researches, relaxation is also necessary. Let's have fun with us!

With our best wishes,

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PGS. TS. Trần Vĩnh Hoàng

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