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Job vacancy-Postgraduate scholarship

australia-curtin-universityChemical Engineering Department of Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia is seeking to appoint a Post Doctorate (2 years) and provides full financial support for a PhD student (3 years) to undertake research in the field of natural gas conversion into transport fuels.

The successful applicants will be required to have knowledge and experience on catalysed chemical reaction, heterogeneous catalyst development and be able to communicate engineering findings in a variety of ways via written, verbal or electronic communications.

Researcher and student of your faculty are encouraged to apply for the above positions and please send application letter and resume to me before 17 July 2009 as this project will start very soon. Please contact me if you require any further information.

Dr Gia Hung Pham
Senior Lecturer
Senior Research & Development Engineer
Department of Chemical Engineering
Curtin University of Technology
Telephone          : +61 8 9266 1085
Facsimile              : +61 8 9266 2681
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Thông báo về học bổng JAIST

Thời gian giới thiệu học bổng là 8h00 sáng thứ hai (22/6/2009). Thông tin chi tiết xin xem file đính kèm
Kính mời cán bộ và các em sinh viên quan tâm tới dự

Học bổng các trường Hàn Quốc

- Hoc bong tap doan Hyosung
-Hoc bong Ph.D truong DH Pusal
Professors of Pusan National University are seeking applications for a Ph.D. position ending 2009 and commencing early 2010. The successful applicants will work on the World Class University (WCU) project and the scholarship is funded through this project.
Project goal:
The goal of this project is to construct and apply nanosensor imaging systems to the human body and especially to the brain and other neural systems. This project will converge Nano-Technology, Bio-Technology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Technology which eventually will improve our cognitive function and help protect it from disease and degeneration.
Project duration:
5 years (2009-2013)
- Back ground: Nano-Technology, Bio-Technology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Technology, optical technology, image processing technology…
- Strong academic/research track record
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
- The ability to work independently in the research environment
- Willingness to work full-time on this project
900.000 – 1.000.000 Korea won (including tuition, meal, and living frees)
For further inquiries please contact:
Nguyen Le Hoa
School of Mechanical Engineering,
Pusan National University
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