School of Chemical Engineering

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§Processes and equipments for zeolites, alumina production
§Processes for production of nano-catalysts applied in chemical, petroleum industries and environmental treatment
§Production line and equipments for bio-ethanol
§Process and equipments for bio-diesel production from vegetable oils, food wastes and other sources
§Process and equipments for bio-medical ceramic material production
§Production line and equipments for industrial thermal-resistant paints
§Process and equipments for high-quality adhesives production (applied for wood processing)
§Processes and equipments for industrial and domestic wastes treatments
§Processes and equipments for curcumine and bioactive compounds extractions
§Processes for purification and extraction of protein from latex resin applied in high-quality medical rubber products
§Electroplating production lines for metal and non-metal materials
§Calculation and simulation of chemical engineering processes
§Design of processes and equipments for silicate, polymer and composite materials production
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