School of Chemical Engineering

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Department of Chemical Engineering

1. Introduction

BM Hoa Cong

Name of the institution: Department of Chemical Engineering (DCE)

Office: Room 109, C4 Building – Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)

Phone number: +84.4.38680121




 The Department of Chemical Egineering is comprised of 17 members (15 lecturers and 2 technical staffs ), including 1 professor, 1 associate professor, 8 doctors, 6 masters and 1 engineers.

 The duties of the Department are:

To offer educational and research programs in chemical engineering at three stages: Bachelor/Engineer, Master and Doctor of Engineering that will prepare students for key positions in the chemical industries and research institutions; academia; and government laboratories.
 • To give the lectures of fundamental subjects Chemical Engineering (4 parts) and also subject design in chemical engineering to all of the student in School of Chemical Technology,
Scholl of Biological and Food Technology.

The first course in chemical engineering was offered in 1963 and the first doctorate in Chemical Engineering was awarded in 1986.


2. Education program

The Process and Equipment of Chemical Engineering is one of the engineer program of the School.

Education objectives:

- To give engineers the basic and fundamental knowledge in chemical engineering, scale-up and design the process and equipment that makes them suitable in many different fields of industry. 

- To give engineers the scientific work method, high adaptability and creative competence, that they can contribute to the technological infrastructure of modern industries such as petroleum processing, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, food processing, and environmental treatment.

- To give engineers the modelling and optimization methods for chemical processes, abilities for programming, simulation and optimization of processes and equipments, which is the base for engineers to improve or design new processes and equipments and find out the  optimized technological parameters as well.

The chemical engineers  are able to work effectively in research institutions, universities and manufactures in many areas such as chemical and petrochemical industry, food processing, environmental treatment ... Up today, a large number of the chemical engineers, masters and doctors from the department have being had high efficiency and leadership positions in various areas.

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