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Department of Contruction Industry

bn-xdcnHistory department:

Department  of  contruction industry was established on the basis of the Science Building Hanoi University of Technology, after separation established Science Building of Construction University in Hanoi. The task of teaching the subject is "basis Building Industry" for the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Metallurgy, Engineering and Science at the university, and undertake the task of planning, correct repair and renovate school building.
By 1977, when the effect of Light Industry Import Division of the Hanoi University of Technology, Department continued to teach this course for two more Science: Food Technology and Textile Technology.
During the 45 years since its establishment, the Department has participated in training tens of thousands of engineers, designing, repair, renovation and expansion of hundreds of factories across the country; Department have contributed in the planning, management, repair and renovation construction projects many of the Hanoi University of Technology


  • 8 architect and engineer staffs are degree and title: 5 Masters, 2 Engineers, among them 1 are doing doctorate study
  • Head of the Department: Architect - Mr. Phan Dinh Tinh
  • Vice Head of the Department: Master Architect – Mrs.  Le Tieu Thanh

Leaders of the Department over the period:xdcn

  • -   Engineer  Cao Dang Minh
  • -   Engineer Vu Huy Khe
  • -   Dr. Phung Như Thach
  • -   Associate Professor  Ngo Binh
  • -   Engineer Nguyen Manh Hau
  • -   Architect Phan Dinh Tinh


  • 1. Architect Phan Dinh Tinh (Head of the Department)
  • 2. Master Architect Le Tieu Thanh (ViceHead of the Department)
  • 3. Engineer Nguyen Manh Hau
  • 4. Master Architect Dang Duc Thuc
  • 5. Master Architect Hoang Thanh Thuy
  • 6. Engineer Dang Thi Minh Nghia
  • 7. Master, Engineer Luong Thuy Nga
  • 8. Dr. Architect.Phan Viet Toan


The titles and achievements of individuals and collectives Department:

  • - Advanced labor department: years
    - Excellent labor department: 2 years
    - Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister: 1
    - Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Education and Training: 4
    - Emulation combatant and excellent teaching staff: 8
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