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Department of Paper and Dye Technology has founded in 1968 at the Institute of Light Industry - The Branch of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The first batch of engineers graduated in 1971.
Since 2006, the Department of Pulp and Paper Technology has been separated from the Department of Organic Synthesis and Petrochemical Technology into an independent department. At present, this is the largest institution for undergraduate and graduate education in Pulp and Paper Technology in Vietnam.


Office: Room 202–C4-C5 Building
Laboratory: Room 305 – C4 Building  


- Undergraduate Training: Engineers and Bachelor in Chemical Engineering with Major subjects in Cellulose (Pulp) and Paper Technology;
- Graduate Training: Masters and PhD in Chemical Engineering.
- Research and Developing Upgrading Technology; Consulting and Technology Transfer in Pulp and Paper Industry, Bio-chemical Conversion of Lignocellulosic Materials (Wood and Non-Wood Materials), Bio-fuels…

Head of Department:

Accos.Prof.Dr. Le Quang Dien

Dr.Phan Huy Hoang

Education and Training Achievement:

- Undergraduate: more than 450 engineers of full time and part time disciplines
- Graduate: Masters: 35 and Doctors: 04
Annually, around 20 engineers graduate. They have been equipped with the updated knowledge and skills in Chemical Technology and in Pulp and Paper Technology, Chemistry of wood and cellulose… and practice at pulp and paper mills.
Graduated Engineers, Masters and Doctors can work as key person in Research institutes, Education and training, Industries of Pulp and paper technology, Chemical technology, Bio-Chemical conversion of Biomass…

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