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Department of Analytical Chemistry

C1-418A, No.1 Dai Co Viet Road, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 84-4-38692206

Fax: 84-4-38680070

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Department of Analytical Chemistry was established in 1958. The Department provides research and education in the domains of analytical chemistry and its application. We are doing both fundamental and applied scientific projects related to analytical chemistry and its application.  Our international partner: TUGraz, Ugent, Saint-Petersburg State University, NUT, BOKU, Doshisha University, Yonsei University, Dresden University, Rostock University, University of Minho …
The Department is comprised of about 10 staff members. They provide education in a large number of courses. The department contributes to the curricula of the Bachelor in Chemistry, of the Master of Chemistry and the Doctor of Chemistry, among others. The staff section of our website gives you an overview of all staff members with telephone number, pictures, and individual research topics.
Each academic year, our department welcomes 6 to10 thesis students to conduct their Master of Science thesis work.
Please visit our departmental website which offers more details about study programs, scientific research and scientific service to the third parties, both on a national and international level.

 Training subjects

 Courses for undergraduate, postgraduate training:

 Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry
 Basic laboratary course of Ana. Chem.
 Instrumental methods of Ana. Chem.
 Basic instrumental course of Ana. Chem.
 Data processing in Analysis
 Physical-chemical Analysis
 Environmental Chemical Analysis
 Electrochemical methods of Analysis
 Spectroscopic methods of Analysis
 Separation techniques in Ana. Chem.
 Sample preparation technique in Analytical Chemistry

 Short courses, subjects for industries:

             Instrumental course for Analysis and data processing
             Practical techniques in Analysis
             Service&contract for Analysis 




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