School of Chemical Engineering

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Research areas

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- Kinetics and Reactor Design: Research on the kinetics of heterogeneous and homogeneous reaction processes with or without catalyst; the stream & the structure of reactor.

- Hydromechanical separation processes: Research on separation process by filter media, sedimentation or precipitation under the effect of gravity field, centrifugal field and electromagnetic electrostatic field.

- Heat transfer and heat exchangers: research on the primary fundamental heat transfer processes, heat transfer including accompanying with mass transfer and chemical reactionstransformation; structure & design of heat exchangers.

- Mass transfer: research on the mechanism & equipment of adsorption, absorption,  leaching, extraction &, and distillation.

- Mechanical processes: Research on processes and equipment of solid material processing (smashingcrushing, mixing, grinding, screening,..) and plastic processing ( blending, extrusion, calenderingrolling, pressing,..).

- Mechanical and assembly designs for production lines in chemical industry.

- Informatics application for design, simulation and optimization of processes and equipment in chemical engineering.

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