School of Chemical Engineering

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Research areas

de-mo-2Adsorption and Catalysis
Chemistry of Natural Product
Organic synthesis
Color Chemistry, Organic Dyes and Pigments
Chemical Pesticide and Chemical Insecticide



tnStudy on separation, extraction of  anti-inflammation, cancer chemopreventive compounds from  traditional herbs to make into products serving people’s welfare.  

Screening and isolation of anticancer components from Sponges of the sea of Vietnam

Research on testing production of drug assisting diabetes treatment from Vietnamese herbs.

Study on biologically active substances (anti-infective, anti-virus, antioxidant, cancer chemo preventive) from plants, organisms of Vietnam
Application of organic complexon to convert kaolin into some common zeolites.

Manufacture nano-size adsorbents from Vietnamese feedstock to reduce toxic substances in cigarette smoke.

Direct synthesis of metal-organic frameworks and nano-zeolite and their application as adsorbents and catalysts.


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