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cn-dienhoa-2Main research area:
  • * Advanced Electrochemical Materials:
  • Magnetic materials with Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) effect (nanosized multilayer and bulk materials Co/Cu), composite wires with Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI) Effect.
  • Materials for Power Sources: Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD), metals doped- MnO2, LiMnO2.

* Development of new process for surface technology

  • Plating on plastics (POP): Direct metallization processes, Electroless processes
  • Aluminum Plating on Aluminium, advanced methods for Aluminium surface treatment
  • Environmental friendly processes (Cr(III) technologies, substitution of cyanide..)

* Corrosion Protection:

  • Cathodic protection technique: New materials for sacrificial anodes, anodes for cathdic plant
  • Functional coatings for materials (amorphous Ni(Me)PB coatings, inorganic composite coatings)




  1. "Electrodeposition of Nanosized Magnetic Multilayer Co/Cu with Giant Magentoresistance (GMR) Effect for novel magnetic Sensors" (VLIR-HUT/IUC/PJ10)
  2. "Electrochemical Fabication of nanocomposite and microwire with Giant Magnetoimpedance Effect and application for magnetic Sensors" (KHCB  5.028.06)
  3. "Electrodeposition of Nanowire Magnetic Multilayer CoFeCu/Cu with Giant Magentoresistance (GMR) Effect using Aluminium Oxide Template Technique " (Nippon Glass Foundation)
  4. "Synthesis of LixMnO2 and Lix Mn2O4 materialas for modern Litium Battery " (KHCB.5.038.06)
  5. "Application of electroactive Mangane Dioxide (EMD) for removal of arsene in drink water" (T2007-111)
  6. "Development of Nickel Recovery Process from Ni-Cr Electroplating Waste Water" (B2006-01-30)
  7. "Development of Method for Trivalent Chrome Electroplating and Passivation"(B2007-01-89)nckh-dienhoa-2
  8. "Development of Technology and Equipments for 6 layer Cu-Ni-Cr Plating of Acryloninryl Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastics" (B2008-01-163)
  9. "Development of process forf Direct Electroplating on Aluminium Surface" (T2008-28)
  10. "New Techniques for Direct Electroplating on insulating Substrates" (UTCN-2005-2006/12)
  11. "Development of Corrosion inhibition system  for the cooling Engine System" (B2004-122)
  12. "Synthesis of Nanoparticle and nanosized Coating of TiO2 by Sol-Gel Technique" (VLIRVLIR-HUT AP05/03)


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