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Today: Tháng 12 13, 2017

Khóa học ăn mòn TPA


The objective of this document is to provide the outline of a workshop to be held for discussing major issues related to corrosion and its prevention, more especially in connection with Oil & Gas production and transportation facilities.
Who should attend:
Students interested by process, project, production , inspection or maintenance in Oil & Gas, or students in materials and corrosion wishing to improve their knowledge.
Prerequisites :
Basic knowledge in chemistry, electricity, oil & gas processes and equipment.
This workshop will last 5 days. Each day will comprise 2 sessions of 3 hours each.
Day 1
The Challenges of Corrosion Management in Oil & Gas Industry
The materials used
The theory of “wet” corrosion:
• Reminder on chemistry,
• “Wet” corrosion and its electrochemical nature
• Types of general, localized and complex corrosions
Day 2
Main families of internal corrosion cases in the Oil & Gas industry
The main cases of corrosion that the Oil & Gas industry has to face will be detailed together with the ways to prevent or mitigate them based on the selection of materials and corrosion prevention methods such as chemical treatments.
•CO2 corrosion
Day 3
H2S cracking problems
Bacterial corrosion
Corrosion due to oxygen
Monitoring of internal corrosion and corrosion-related inspection
•Inspection Methods including intelligent pigging of pipelines
•methodology of RBI (Risk-Based Inspection)
Day 4
Cathodic protection and associated coatings
• The theory and practice of cathodic protection (CP)
• Criteria, basis for design
• Measurement methods of effectiveness of CP
• Possible detrimental effects of CP
Day 5
Preventing corrosion with coatings, paints and linings
(A large variety of coatings are used to separate metals from corrosive environments).
Quality control, standardization and certification in corrosion.
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