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The currency issued by the Vietnam State Bank is the dong (abbreviated "d" or VND) which is used uniformly throughout the country. Widely-used bank notes in domination of 1000 VND, 2000 VND, 5000 VND, 10000 VND, 20000 VND, 50000 VND, 100000 VND, 200000 VND and 500000 VND are presently in circulation. The front views of popular notes are below:

The currency exchange rates can be checked here for the daily updated rate.

- Foreign currencies are easily converted at banks, jewellery shops, hotels or at authorised exchange counters.

- Visitors are advised to carry USD cash for easy acceptance nationwide. Tourist may encounter difficulties in exchanging other currencies than the USD. However, at Hanoi - Noi Bai and HCM - Tan San Nhat airports upon their arrival or departure visitors can convert and revert money of EUR, GBP, CAD, USD, AUD, SGD, HKG, YPY, CHF, and Thai Baht in to USD,Vietnamese Dong, or their concerned money.

- Travellers' cheques and some major credit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD... are accepted in most tourist destinations and 5% commission usually be charged when paying.

- ATMs (automatic teller machines) are located at the Congress Venue and quite popular in many places in Hanoi and available in all banks and bank branches.

- Bank hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Closed for lunch (12.00 - 13.00). Closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

- ANZ bank's services are available 24/24.

- Do not exchange money on the street.

- Check all valuables into hotel safes.


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