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Instructions to Authors

Online Submissions

The information outlined below describes how to prepare your manuscripts for submission to the journal. We suggest you to read this in full before submitting your article.

Please follow these minimum standards while preparing the manuscript for peer-reviewing.

  • Submitted papers should be in Vietnamese or English Language
  • The manuscript should be submitted as an MS Word Document
  • Ensure the Manuscript adheres to the journal guidelines
  • All papers are subjected to scientific peer review.
  • All papers must be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preparation of Manuscript

All original research articles should be structured in the following manner.


The title should be concise and reflect the entire work of the submitted manuscript.


Below the title, all author names should be mentioned along with Affiliation of each author. Affiliation details should include

  • Department, University or Organization, City, State and Country for all authors.
  • Each author affiliation should be identified by a superscript small numeral.
  • Author for correspondence should be indicated by an asterisk.


  • Abstracts should not exceed more than 150 words and should not contain literature references. An abstract may not be necessary for short communications. The symbols, abbreviations, units, and nomenclature used in the text should be in conformity with the recommendations of IUPAC.
  • Abstracts need not be in a structured format.
  • It should clearly state the purpose of the work, methods used, key findings and major conclusion drawn from the work
  • Use of abbreviations in the abstract should be avoided however if essential should be expanded at its first appearance.


  • The author should provide 3 to 5 keywords, characterizing the scope of the paper
  • Keywords should be written in title case and separated by a comma.
  • Avoid general and plural terms and multiple concepts (avoid, for example, 'and', 'of').


Authors to number the article headings in Arabic style format.

  • Headings should follow title case, meaning that all words except for prepositions, articles, and conjunctions should be capitalized.
  • All botanical names should be in italics.

For example:     1. Finite Element Modelling (FEM)
                          1.1 Model Description


State the background and mention clearly the objective of the present work, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.

All the texts should be in Segoe UI Light 10 point, single line spacing, before spacing 0pt, after spacing 6pt. Papers in A4 size (29.7x21.0 cm) should be used. Margins of text are recommended as follows. Top and bottom margins are 2.5 cm, right and left margins are 2.0 cm. When starting a new section, one line space should be used.


  • All materials and methods used should be clearly mentioned to allow other researchers to reproduce your work.
  • Wherever required, give correct formula used for calculation of the results.

Results and discussion

  • Results obtained in the study should be subjected to appropriate statistical methods and presented clearly.
  • It should comprise of rationale and relevance of the present study along with the existing literature.
  • Discuss the lacuna in the area and to how much extent the present study answered the research question and give future directions for further research.


  • Give the major conclusion from the present study.
  • This section may stand alone or be clubbed together with discussion.


Acknowledge all those people who have helped during the work by providing facilities, personal assistance and funding if any.


Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa).

Author(s) name(s), journal title/book title, chapter title/article title, year of publication, volume number/book chapter and the pagination must be present. Examples:

  1. M. Inoue, H. Kominami, T. Inui, Appl. Catal. A 121 (1995) 143-148
  2.       M.V. Sargent, F.M. Dean, in: A.R. Katrizky, C.W. Rees (Eds.), Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1977, p. 599.
  3.       J. Ciric, US Patent 3 972 983 (1976), to Mobil Oil Corporation.


new Download Article Template (paper written in Vietnamese)

new Download Article Template (paper written in English)

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