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Information for Reviewers

Reviewers should give estimates of the scientific value of the work, together with some basis for their opinion. They should indicate whether the writing is clear, concise, and relevant. Personal comments should be avoided. Reviewers should realize that their reports may be transmitted by the authors to editors of other ACS journals.

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Funding Compliance

Authors are required to report funding sources and grant/award numbers. Enter ALL sources of funding for ALL authors in BOTH the FundRef tool in ACS Paragon Plus and in the manuscript to meet this requirement.

Funder Reporting Requirement

To help authors comply with the reporting requirements of one or more funders, we have provided the information below. It covers acknowledging funders, a selected list of funders' open access policies, and details of any arrangements with the ACS.

As a scholarly society deeply concerned with the integrity of the scientific record, the American Chemical Society (ACS) fully supports the broad and sustainable dissemination of the authoritative record of science found in our journals.

Additional ACS resources regarding open access: ACS' 3-step workflow: A guide to help authors understand ACS' open access options.

Authors are required to report funding sources and grant/award numbers relevant to each manuscript.Please enter ALL sources of funding for ALL authors relevant to the manuscript in BOTH the Open Funder Registry tool in ACS Paragon Plus and in your manuscript to meet this requirement.

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