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Call for 2nd Regional Conference on Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development and Collaboration in the ASEAN Region

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
October 23 – 24, 2009

The Regional Conferences are organized in order to publicize research works done under the AUN/SEED-Net Project and to maximize the outreach of the AUN/SEED-Net network for stronger impacts. The Regional Conference is not only a place where faculty members in Member Institutions (MIs) and Japanese Supporting Universities (JSUs) review the progress of research carried out by graduate students of AUN/SEED-Net and Member Institutions under the Collaborative Research Program and discuss related activities for further research collaboration, but also a venue to collect and disseminate the most updated technology and the research of regional issues and public interests in order to contribute to the community and to draw support from the industrial and the governmental sectors.
Being held annually by the Member Institutions on a rotational basis, and with De la Salle University (DLSU) acting as Host Institution, the 1st Regional Conference on Chemical was successfully held at DLSU in January 2009. This year, the 2nd Regional Conference on Chemical Engineering will be organized by Hochiminh City University of Technology, Vietnam with the following objectives and details.

• To provide a venue for interaction of researchers and experts in the public and private sectors on R & D in Chemical Engineering.
• To offer a scientific environment to disseminate research achievements of scholars and researchers participating in the Collaborative Research program of AUN/SEED-Net, as well as other researchers.
• To promote research and applications in the fields of Chemical Engineering aiming to Sustainable Development in the ASEAN region.
• To strengthen the collaboration among regional academic institutions on R & D projects.
• To improve the co-operation among universities, research institutions, industry, and government on R & D and technology transfer relating to the field of Chemical Engineering.
Scopes of Conference

Contributions in the following areas are welcome
• Chemical Process Systems and Design
• Fuels and New Energy
• Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
• Organic Synthesis, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Engineering
• Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering
• Green Chemistry; Cleaner Production
• Other related topics

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