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Ngoc A. Nguyen

  • 2018-P07785 NAN2

Assistant Professor

Building C4-5, 203

Department of Printing Technology

School of Chemical Engineering

Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: + 84 (0) 24 3868 3797

Fax: +84 (0) 24 3868 0070

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Dr. Nguyen is a polymer scientist with strong experience in smart and functional materials, morphology control of polymers and polymer-based nanocomposites; rheology combined with thermal, mechanical and scattering techniques for both polymer solutions and polymer melts; macromolecular self-assembly, thin film fabrication and characterization of semiconducting polymers and energy devices.

For more information:

Nguyen Research Website

Selected Honors/Awards

  1. Outstanding Postdoctoral Award, Oak Ridge National Lab, UT- Battelle, 2018.
  2. Best paper Award, CAMX- The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, 2017.
  3. Outstanding Graduate student Research Award,AUniversity of Delaware, 2015.
  4. President of Material Advantage student chapter,AUniversity of Delaware, 2015.
  5. Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award,AUniversity of Delaware, 2014.
  6. NIST Summer School (only 35 graduate students from the North American institutions were selected), The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2013.

Selected Articles

  1. W.J. Chung, J.J. Griebel, E. T. Kim, H. Yoon, A. G. Simmonds, H. J. Ji, P. T. Dirlam, R. S Glass, J. J. Wie, N. A. Nguyen, B. W. Guralnick, J. Park, A. Somogyi, P. Theato, M. E. Mackay, Y. Sung, K. Char, J. Pyun, Utilization of Elemental Sulfur for the Preparation of Chemically Stable, Processable & Electrochemically Healable Copolymers via Inverse Vulcanization (Nature Chemistry, 2013) 5, 518–524.
    • Featured in Nature Chemistry’s Altmetric Top 10, 2013.AHighlighted in NPG Asia Materials.AFeatured in news articles including Science Daily, EurekAlert, Chemistry Views, and Daily Tech.
  2. J. J. Griebel, S. Namnabat, E. T. Kim, R. Himmelhuber, D. H. Moronta, W. J. Chung, A. G. Simmonds, K. Kim, J. Van Der Laan, N. A. Nguyen, E. L. Dereniak, M. E. Mackay, K. Char, R. S. Glass, R. A. Norwood, J. Pyun, New infrared transmitting material via inverse vulcanization of elemental sulfur to prepare high refractive index polymers (Advanced materials, 2014) 26, 3014-3018.
    • Featured in Science Daily.
  3. J. J. Wie*, N. A. Nguyen*, C. D. Cwalina, J. Liu, D. C. Martin, M. E. Mackay, Shear-Induced Solution Crystallization of Poly (3-hexylthiophene)(P3HT) (Macromolecules, 2014) 47, 3343-3349. (*Co-first author)
  4. J. J. Griebel*, N. A. Nguyen*, S. Namnabat, L. E. Anderson, R. S. Glass, R. A. Norwood, M. E. Mackay, K. Char, J. Pyun,ADynamic Covalent Polymers via Inverse Vulcanization of Elemental Sulfur for Healable Infrared Optical Materials (ACS Macro Letters, 2015) 4, (9), 862-866.A(*Co-first author).
    • ACS Editors’ choice: the paper was accepted with zero corrections.
  5. N. A. Nguyen,AK. M. Meek, C. C. Bowland, S. H. Barnes, A. K. Naskar,AAn Acrylonitrile–Butadiene–Lignin Renewable Skin with Programmable and Switchable Electrical Conductivity for Stress/Strain-Sensing ApplicationsA(Macromolecules, 2017) 51 (1), 115–127.
    • Featured in news by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy, and EurekAlert.
  6. N. A. Nguyen, S. H. Barnes, C. C. Bowland, K. M. Meek, K. C. Littrell, J. K. Keum, and A. K. Naskar, A Path for Lignin Valorization via Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Sustainable Composites with Enhanced 3D-Printability (Science Advances, 2018) 4 (12), eaat4967.
    • Featured in news by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy.AFeatured in news by the EurekAlert, Science Daily, Phys org, Nano Werk, 3D-printing industry, and Materials Today.
  7. N. A. Nguyen, K. Kim, C. C. Bowland, J. Keum, L. Kearney, N. André, N. Labbe, and A. K. Naskar, A fundamental understanding of whole biomass dissolution in ionic liquid for regeneration of fiber by solution-spinning (Green Chemistry, 2019) 21, 4354-436.
    • Featured on the Back Cover.

Selected Patents

  1. A. K. Naskar,AN.A. Nguyen,ABulk synthesis of carbon nanoparticles, Invention Disclosure 2019, The U.S Department of Energy.
  2. A. K. Naskar,AN.A. Nguyen,AFunctional polymer composition, Invention Disclosure 2019, The U.S Department of Energy.
  3. A. K. Naskar,AN.A. Nguyen,APolymeric fibers for environmental remediation,AInvention Disclosure 2019, The U.S Department of Energy.
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