School of Chemical Engineering

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  • Management students: 202-C45
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Viện KTHH, ĐH Yeungnam, Hàn Quốc tuyển học viên sau đại học

Area of study: Polymers, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nano Technology, Clean Technology, Graphene, Catalysis,Process Control, Photovolataic and Dye-sensitized Solar Cells, Quantum Dot Solar Cells, Secondary Batteries, Microbial Fuel Cells, Biofilm Reactors, etc.

Requirements: (1) BS and/or MS degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, and related area (including current UG and MS students who is graduating by August, 2016. Even for the case of September or October graduation, you may still apply if you can get the Certificate of Expectant Graduation by the end of August.)

(2) English score of TOEFL (> 500 pbt, > 173 cbt, or > 61 ibt), TOEIC (>650), or IELTS (> 5.5)
[For those who has the proof certificate that English is the language of instruction for their BS in the country whose official language is English, English score is not required.]
(3) Academic Record: Letter grade CGPA > 3.0/4.3 (< 2.5/4 in the Phiippines) or Number grade CGPA > 7.0 /10.

The candidate's documents for transferring to the matching professor including:

Student Information Form (see the attached file), ② all available transcripts (such as UG and MS), ③ curriculum vitae (with photograph; CGPA and the departmental ranking in the graduating batch are also necessary), ④ official English score card (taken within 2 years), and ⑤ purpose of study (including personal history or essay) by Apr. 5. (Items 1~4 are mandatory. In case of no score, they must get the official (not the institutional) TOEIC score within the application period.)


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