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Call for proposals Bilateral Scientific Cooperation between Flanders and Vietnam

Highlight-NAFOSTEDThe Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) and the Vietnamese National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) have concluded a framework agreement for the joint funding of collaborative scientific projects between researchers or research teams from Flanders and Vietnam. Both Flanders and Vietnam provide an annual budget of 300,000 euro for these joint research projects, which will have a duration of two years.
The average size of the project should be around 70,000 euro annually, to cover the expenses of a researcher, small equipment and consumables.
Eligibility of proposals and selection criteria
Any proposal for basic (fundamental) research in scientific disciplines funded both by FWO and by NAFOSTED, is eligible. FWO funds research in all scientific disciplines. NAFOSTED funds research in the following areas, to which the cooperation will be restricted:
  • Mathematics, computer and information sciences;
  • Physical sciences;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biological sciences;
  • Medical and Health Sciences;
  • Engineering;
  • Materials research;
  • Agricultural sciences and engineering;
  • Environmental, Ecological  and geosciences;
  • Social and Economic sciences
The proposals should meet the usual requirements for scientific research quality  and meet the specific requirements for research projects of their home research council.
The evaluation criteria are:
  • Originality and innovating nature
  • Rigorous Methodology
  • Feasability
  • Focusing of the project
  • Relevance of the project
  • Track record and international visibility of the research teams involved
  • Cooperation and co-ordination between the involved research teams
-  Justifiability of the requested budget
Researchers on both sides should submit the proposal to their respective research council. In Flanders, the application forms are available on the website of the Research Foundation ( In Vietnam, they will be available on the website of NAFOSTED ( Applications have to be submitted by e-mail.
In Flanders, proposals will be evaluated by the multidisciplinary Panel for International Scientific Contacts, with input from domain specific expert panels where needed. Candidates should contact two referees for external evaluation of the proposal, to be submitted directly by the referees.
In Vietnam, proposals will be evaluated by scientific committees established by NAFOSTED and based on external referee reports.
After the evaluation, FWO and NAFOSTED will inform each other of the results and will commonly decide on which projects are to be funded.  Only projects that are proposed on both sides are eligible.

Deadline for submission of proposals and referee reports: 14 September 2009 at midnight.
Exchange of application lists between FWO and NAFOSTED: 2nd half of September 2009
Evaluation by a scientific panel in Flanders and Vietnam: October 2009
Decision on jointly funded projects: November 2009
Starting date of the projects: 1 January  2010
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