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Assoc. Prof. Tran Trung Kien


Fullname: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Trung Kien
(Lecturer, Dean of School of International Education)
Address: Room 109, C4 Building
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +84-4-38680121 Fax: No


Research areas:

  1. Modeling and simulation in chemical technology;
  2. Ethanol fuel and ethanol food;
  3. Phase equilibrium in complex systems;
  4. Separation of multicomponent system by distillation;
  5. Extraction and purification bio-active compounds from natural products, applications on pharmaceutics and functional food.


  1. The process and equipment in Chemical Engineering II
  2. Membrane technology
  3. Design in process and equipment in Chemical Engineering
  4. Specified Study
  5. Graduation internship
  6. The process and equipment in Chemical Engineering 1
  7. The process and equipment in Chemical Engineering 3
  8. Applied Informatics in Chemical Engineering
  9. Modelling and Control in Chemical Engineering
  10. Multi Component Separation Techniques

Publications :

  1. Tran Trung Kien, Repke J.-U., Wozny G.: Start-up simulation of three phase distillation column, Proceeding of the 15th international Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering (CHISA 2002) Czech Republic, 2002
  2. Tran Trung Kien. Anfahren dreiphasiger Rektifikationskolonnen: Simulation und Experiment. Chemie Ingenieur Technik (75). 194-199. 2003.
  3. Tran Trung Kien. Analyse des Anfahrens von Dreiphasen Rektifikationskolonnen, Dissertation ISBN: 3-8322-3623-6ISSN: 0945-1021, 2005.
  4. Tran Trung Kien. The influence of start-up strategies on multiple steady states and star-up time of three-phase distillation column. The International Conference RSCE-2005, Hanoi 31.Nov.-02.Dec.2005, Vietnam.
  5. Tran Trung Kien, Nguyen Bin. Start-up process of three-phase distillation column: simulation and experiments. Conference of Physical Chemistry – Theoretical Chemistry, Hanoi University of Science – Vietnam National University, Hanoi, 12.2005.
  6. Tran Trung Kien, Nghiem Xuan Son, Phung Lan Huong, Pham Van Thiem - Study for isolation of Curcumin from Curcuma Longa L. using ultrasonic extraction, Journal of Chemistry 45 (2007), Vietnam.
  7. Tran Trung Kien, Nghiem Xuan Son, Phung Lan Huong - Dynamic model of Curcumin isolation process from yellow turmeric using ultrasonic extraction, Journal of Chemistry, 46 (2008), Vietnam.
  8. Phung Lan Huong, Tran Trung Kien, Nghiem Xuan Son - Dynamic model of Ultrasonic - assisted extraction - Application for isolation of natural products. Proceedings of the 2nd regional conference on chemical engineering. 23-24th October 2009. Hochiminh, Vietnam.

Research Activities:

  1. Head of Project T06-82: Research on technological process of fuel ethanol using special distillation method, 2006.
  2. Head of Project B2007-01-87: Research on technical procedure and equipment design to produce fuel ethanol, capacity of 5 – 10 l/hr, 2007 – 2008.
  3. Head of Project AP07/Prj03/Nr04: Study and optimization the process of separation curcumin from Curcuma longa L., 2007 – 2008.
  4. Secretary of Test project B2007-01-08DA: Complete technique and equipment design to refine high quality ethanol and alcohol speciality, capacity of 1500 lit/day, supplying the demand of domestic consumers and export, 2007 – 2008.
  5. Secretary of Test project KC06-DA20/06-10: Complete technique, equipment and design system line to produce traditional alcohol speciality, industrial scale with capacity of 3 millions lit/year, 2009 – 2010.

Books: Kỹ thuật công trình trong công nghệ hóa học, NXB Bách KHoa Hà Nội, 2011 (Text book: Process and Plant technique in chemical technology)

Instructing Master students:

1. Le Thi Hong Toan, Research for purification of stevioside from stevia plant

Instructing Doctor students:

1. Pham Thi Hong Phuong

2. La Bich Huong

3. Phung Thi Anh Minh

4. Nguyen Truong Giang

Other information: No


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