School of Chemical Engineering

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Teaching courses

a. Undergraduate: Bch & Eng in Chemical Engineering with Specialization in Cellulose and Paper Technology

  • Wood Chemistry
  • Cellulose Chemistry
  • Pulping Technology
  • Papermaking Technology
  • Equipment for Pulp and Paper Technology
  • Technology of Recycled Fibre and Deinking
  • Wet-End Chemistry
  • Higt Yield Pulping Technology
  • Paper Coating
  • Environmental Protection in Paper Industry
  • Paper Properties and Testing
  • Board and Paper Package Engineering
  • Applications of Biotechnology in Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Tissuemaking Technology
  • Fundamentals of Wood Chemical Technology

b. Graduate: M.Eng & M.Sc of Chemical Engineering

  • Cellulose and Lignin Modification
  • Biochemical Processing of Lignocellulosic Materials
  • Green Chemicals
  • Paper Physics
  • Advanced Pulping Technology
  • Specialty Papers
  • Quanlity Control for Paper and Board Products
  • Processing of wood-based materials
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