SCE collaborates interdepartmentally and with industry and other institutions, locally, nationally, and globally. These collaborations succeed through shared resources, expertise, and commitment, and provide unique, high-profile research opportunities for interested students.


- Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology

- Hanoi National University

- Mine and Geological University

- Education University

- Hue University

- Da Nang University

- Ho Chi Minh University of Technology


- Austria (TU Wien, U Wien., TU Graz, ...)

- France (Unversité Paris Diderot, Unversité Paris Sub...)

- Belgium (Gent Univ., Free Univ. Brussels, Katholic Leuven Univ., ...)

- Germany (TU Berlin, TU Dresden, Dusseldorf, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, ...)

- The Netherlands (Twente Univ., TU Delft,  Univ. Amsterdam, ...)

- Japan (Nagaoka Univ. Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, TMU...)

- Korea (Yonsei Univ., Yeungnam Univ., Postech Univ., Kangwon Univ., ...)

- Taiwan (Kaohsiung Univ., NTHU,.)

- Thailand (Chulalongkorn Univ,..)

- Philippines (De la Salle Univ.,...)