Research Overview

Research conducted by higher education has made a significant impact on our health, safety and quality of life, and has contributed to the economic growth and development of our country.

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‘SCE’ is one of the HUST’s leading research school, ranking highly in Vietnam and with traditional strengths in process integration, crystallisation, industrial sustainability, and bioprocessing we aim to extend the boundaries of the chemical engineering discipline.

The overall vision of the School is to develop and promote chemical engineering as a discipline that creates practical and sustainable advances for the overall benefit of society.

Research is organised around a matrix of 8 informal themes:

   - Organic Chemistry of Natural Products
   - Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
   - Systems Design and Engineering
   - Materials and Advanced Materials
   - Polymer
   - Energy and Environmental Engineering
   - Thermodynamics, Surfaces and Structures
   - Printing Technology

Expertise in these groupings enables us to address key multi-disciplinary societal challenges related to energy, water, food, environment and heath.

We also aspire to develop an exemplary record of knowledge transfer and to harness our research capability to produce the best environment for student education.

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