Department of Physcal Chemistry

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  • 14 academic staffs
  • Academic degree and title: 1 Prof. Dr., 2 Dr., 8 Msc., 1 Eng., 2 Bach., among them 5 are doing doctorate study
  • Head of the Department: Dr. NGUYEN Van Anh
  • Vice Head of the Department: Msc. LE Trong Huyen

Training Programmes

  • Undergraduate: Physical Chemistry Technology
  • Graduate: Theoretical Chemistry – Physical Chemistry
  • Doctorate: Theoretical Chemistry – Physical Chemistry

Research topics:

  • Homogenous Catalysis by complexes
  • Physico- Chemical methods of surface water and wastewater treatment.
  • Investigation on Zeolite synthesis based on fly-ash modified by several natural minerals to form adsorbents.
  • Metal protection and anticorrosion.
  • Investigation and synthesis of nano and nano-composite materials


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