School Structure

MANAGEMENT BOARD (Period 2013-2018)


huynh dang chinh

Assoc. Prof. HUYNH Dang Chinh
(Personals and Organization)

Vice Dean

tran thu huong

 Assoc. Prof. TRAN Thu Huong
(Research and Technology Transfer)

Vice Dean

la the vinh

Assoc. Prof. LA The Vinh
(Student Affairs, Social Activities
and Material Facilities)

Vice Dean

nguyen hong lien

Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Hong Lien
(Training and
International Co-operations)

Head of Departments and Laboratory

1 Department of Physical Chemistry Dr. NGUYEN Van Anh
2 Department  of Organic Chemistry Assoc. Prof. TRAN Thu Huong
3 Department  of Analytical Chemistry Assoc. Prof. TRAN Thi Thuy
4 Department  of Inorganic Chemistry Assoc. Prof. PHAN Trung Nghia
5 Department  of Chemical and Petro-chemical process Equipment Dr. VU Dinh Tien
6 Department  of Organic Syhthesis and Petro-chemical Technology Dr. DAO Quoc Tuy
7 Department  of Inorganic Compound Technology Assoc. Prof.  LA The Vinh
8 Department  of Printing Technology Assoc. Prof.  HOANG Thi Kieu Nguyen
9 Department  of Electrochemistry and Corrosion Protection Assoc. Prof.  MAI Thanh Tung
10 Department  of Chemical Engineering Dr. NGUYEN Van Xa
11 Department  of Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pesticides Technology Assoc. Prof. HOANG Xuan Tien
12 Department  of Cellulose and Paper Technology Dr. LE Quang Dien
13 Department  of Silicate Material Technology Dr. VU Hoang Tung
14 Department  of Construction Industry MSc. LE Tieu Thanh
15 Central Lab of Petrochemical and Catalytic Absorption Materials Assoc. Prof. NGUYEN Hong Lien