About the School of Chemical Engineering

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The School of Chemical Engineering (SCE) at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) Vietnam was established in 1956. SCE is well known in the industry as a top provider of quality education and cutting-edge research. Our focus has been and always will be to deliver the best we possibly can to the future of the fields of chemical engineering, industrial chemistry and printing technology.

We have passionate academics who are eager to share their vast knowledge and experience with students, we are at the forefront of exciting innovations and emerging technologies through a number of international research groups and centres, and our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect support for our students.

Academic staff of over 150, over 200 students undertaking PhD and Masters programmes and nearly 2,200 undergraduates across our degree pathways. 

The mission of the HUST's School Chemical Engineering comprises three key areas:

Education: to offer academic programs that prepare students to master physical, chemical, and biological processes, engineering design, and synthesis skills; creatively shape and solve complex problems, such as translating molecular information into new products and processes; and exercise leadership in industry, academia, and government in terms of technological, economic, and social issues.

- Research: to provide a vibrant interdisciplinary research program that attracts the best young people; creatively shapes engineering science and design through interfaces with chemistry, biology, and materials science; and contributes to solving the technological needs of the global economy and human society.

- Social responsibility: to promote active and vigorous leadership by our people in shaping the scientific and technological context of debates around social, political, economic, and environmental issues facing the country and the world.

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